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» Welcome to Yotta280

Your destination for Disaster Recovery Solutions and Services. Yotta280 offers Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery models, to the enterprise and SMB markets. Recognized for superior onsite and offsite backup and recovery capabilities to server failover, Yotta280′s solutions are tried and proven.

  • If you are an enterprise or SMB, benefit from the broad selection of products, experience and expertise.
  • If you are a company with the need to provide your customers with a secure data protection plan, Yotta280 offers multiple partner programs and easy deployment.

Yotta280 has built its reputation around one foundational customer promise – “Rapid Recovery”. You immediately have the level of confidence of recovery NOW, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, with multiple options available:

  •  Subscribe to our YottaVault Software as a Service (SaaS)
  •  Utilize our license leasing program
  •  Acquire your own Private Cloud
  •  Construct a Hybrid Cloud

Yotta280 and Asigra Inc., the leading backup and recovery technology company for the past 27+ years, formed a strategic partnership in 2006. As an Asigra Centric Partner, Yotta280 created YottaVault, Powered by Asigra to provide organizations with a true modernized alternative to traditional backup and disaster recovery methodologies.


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