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Mid and Enterprise Market

Business Benefits of Asigra

Mid to Enterprise Market

Single enterprise solution for your end-to-end data protection needs.

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Recovery License Model

Your Insurance Policy

Recovery License Model

Backup and recovery solutions are, in essence, an insurance policy for corporate data.

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“A plan isn’t a plan until you have a recovery plan.”

Some Of Our Clients & What They Have To Say

“Benefits of the solution included a huge improvement in data recovery time, as well as seamless deployment and surprisingly easy management of the system. Having data replicated at multiple data centers gives us peace of mind in the event of data loss. Yotta280 and Asigra have delivered a solution that assures us in knowing that our data is secure.”
Jeff McGrath
Vice President, Information Services / Planes
Non-Profit Social Enterprise. “We depend on several financial applications to maintain regular business operations. Because we get audited by the state for adherence to compliance mandates, the data encryption and security features of Asigra Cloud Backup are critical. We particularly value its recognition by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) where it has received FIPS 140-2 certification, placing it among the top in terms of data safety.”
Samuel Robinson
IS Manager / Goodwill South Florida
Full Service Community Bank. “As a financial services business, it is critical that client data remains accessible and securely stored. Equally important is the ability to retain data over extended periods of time to meet compliance mandates. Our tape-based solution was a headache to manage; the process had too many moving parts, and the physical manipulation of the tapes was extremely time-consuming. Asigra’s cloud-based solution solved these problems and helped us meet our security and recovery-time objectives.”
Pete Eicher
Director of IT / Gulfshore Bank
Full Service Computer Networking, Security & Compliance Firm Specifically Serving Financial Institutions. “As a managed service provider, we appreciate the robustness of the Yotta280 cloud backup services powered by Asigra. Our financial services customers have data recovery compliance requirements that they must adhere to, and we can now offer them a stable and predictable backup and recovery solution that we can stand behind wholeheartedly.”
Rob Garrison
Chief Technology Officer / CoNetrix
One of the largest family owned pest control businesses in the United States. “Since implementing YottaVault 5 years ago, not only do we have peace of mind that our servers, applications and data are secure, we are totally confident in our ability to restore whole servers or data in the fastest times possible. Even more importantly, our IT disaster recovery plan is rock solid, thanks to the YottaLocalVault that resides in our corporate data center and because of the multiple Yotta280 data centers where our data is secure and encrypted”.
Carl Hirschfelder
Director of Information Technology / Florida Pest Control
3rd Largest United Van Lines Agent Globally. “The recovery performance with Asigra Cloud Backup is exceptional and Yotta280′s service and support have been excellent. Gone are the days of taking tapes offsite to Iron Mountain for storage, or needing to bring several versions of tape in for recoveries because of inevitable backup failure. Data that used to take days to recover now is back up in minutes. I value the Yotta280 solution so much that I’ve recommended it to other colleagues.”
Roger Carroll
Vice President | Information Services Hilldrup Moving / Hilldrup
Legal Community in Jacksonville, Florida since 1897. “Our professional association compiles a significant amount of important data regarding our members and the activities of The Jacksonville Bar Association. If we were to lose our data, we would not have the resources or time to recreate the information we maintain, and would find it particularly difficult to reconstruct our membership database. Having our data backed up at two secure remote sites gives us confidence that we are using best practices regarding our data.”
Susan W. Sowards
Executive Director / The Jacksonville Bar Association
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Mid and Enterprise Market

“It’s All About Recovery”

Today, it is all about recovery. Our research indicates four critical areas of significance for the mid and enterprise markets as they position themselves to ensure recoverability of their valuable company data:

  • Reliability
  • Manageability
  • Security
  • Affordability

In the era of Big Data, Mobile and Cloud—an age in which business is increasingly fuelled by data—it’s no longer enough to focus exclusively on backing up data. Today, it’s all about recovery. Organizations need to think carefully about how they lay a strong foundation for quickly restoring data and getting back to business in the event of any size of data loss. This guide offers answers to the most critical questions every enterprise IT leader should consider when updating or overhauling a data recovery strategy based on four key factors: reliability, manageability, security and affordability.
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  • How can our organization assess its current backup and recovery strategy and systems?
  • How should we measure the reliability of data recovery?
  • What best practices will help ensure our backup and recovery system is reliable?
  • What are the hallmarks of a reliable backup and recovery service provider?
  • How can we design an efficient backup and recovery system for the growing complexity of data in our enterprise?
  • How can we reduce the volume of data that we have to backup?
  • What level of IT resources will be required to maintain data recovery system?
  • How can I ensure data recovery requirements are being met when company data is being stored offsite in a cloud
  • How can a cloud-based data recovery system guarantee data is being transferred securely to an offsite location?
  • How can we control or even reduce the cost of data backup and recovery?
  • If my company recovers less data than other organizations, can we pay less than them?

Recovery License Model


A Fair Way to Pay for Backup

The Recovery License Model is a patented performance based model that accounts for the total amount of recovery performed on an annual basis. The Asigra Recovery License Model includes three core features such as;

  • Asigra Recovery Tracker
  • The Recovery performance score
  • Recovery drills
The Recovery License Model (RLM) is a patented approach that gives enterprises the control they need to keep their backup costs low and predictable, even as data volumes rise. The new model provides analytical insights into the data an organization recovers and ensures that as it recovers less, it pays less.

Backup and recovery solutions are, in essence, an insurance policy for corporate data and the value of this policy lies in the ability to successfully recover data when needed. Existing pricing structures miss the fundamental value proposition by placing the emphasis on backup instead of recovery. Given the current rapid growth trends in data volume, it is more important than ever to change the way backup and recovery software is priced.

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Service Providers

Increase Your Wallet Share

Yotta280 has designed the YottaPartner Program to be flexible with multiple entry points, each with its own unique offering to meet your specific needs:

  • Leading industry technology
  • Set your own prices
  • Recurring revenue
  • Leverage your own infrastructure
  • Full service outsourcing
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Yotta280, enables MSP’s to competitively sell their own cloud backup and recovery service using the industry leading Asigra data protection technology. Utilize your own data center(s), infrastructure and Yotta280’s low cost of entry Hybrid Deployment Model, to deliver the highest quality service to your customers.

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Yotta280 Authorized Wholesale Partner

MSP’s looking to sell a full service Backup and Recovery Service, Yotta280 offers a turnkey service solution. Asigra technology, two geographic dispersed data centers and storage infrastructure. Low cost of entry, determine your own price and generate monthly recurring revenue.

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