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» Hybrid Cloud: Model of the Future

Gartner, Forrester, Frost and Sullivan, and Deloitte are calling the Hybrid Cloud the model of the future.  This allows organizations to utilize the Asigra Cloud Backup and Recovery technology and leverage the benefits of both private and hybrid cloud approaches, with the ability to switch models seamlessly based on changing requirements. Opportunities available include your choice of a mixture of your and our infrastructures (servers, storage, data centers).  Our technology, Powered by Asigra, is available as a Software as a Service on your dedicated server(s) or on pre-configured cloud ready appliance(s). If offsite replication is a priority, your primary backup data can be easily transferred to our secure offsite data center.

Ideal Profile

  • Enterprises with large IT infrastructures who want to maintain an additional backup copy of their data for disaster recovery and ensure high availability of data.
  • Companies that are new to the idea of cloud computing and therefore would like a staged or managed transition to the cloud.


  • Shared infrastructure that helps reduce the cost of maintaining high available backup copy.
  • True multi-tenancy – ensures that your data is logically separated and you are billed only for the resources you use.
  • Data secure in flight and at rest using NIST FIPS 140-2 certified military grade AES encryption and can only be accessed by you through your unique user defined encryption keys.


  • High Availability – maintain an additional copy of your backup data that you can recover at all times.
  • Disaster Recovery – obtain access to your data if your primary backup site is down or inaccessible.
  • Security – protect your data in a secure, encrypted form.
  • Recoverability – recover with confidence, on demand.

Problems Solved

  • Benefit from the experience of the cloud while retaining control of where your data is physically located.
  • Meet regulatory requirements.
  • A Backup and Recovery solution that helps you scale up and down based on demand without huge capital expenditure.
  • Your infrastructure today does not have the flexibility or agility to respond to the rapid rate of data growth.