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» Private Cloud: Leverage Asigra Backup Technology with Your Infrastructure

For organizations with BIG DATA and/or whose data must reside inside their network, Yotta280 offers the Private Cloud, Powered by Asigra. If your organization wishes to own and manage its Backup and Recovery Cloud, Yotta280 is committed to helping you achieve this goal. Utilizing your existing infrastructure and current data center(s), Yotta280 works with each organization to plan, create and support the implementation of your Private Cloud Backup and Recovery solution.

  • Implement a private cloud solution either on premise or at a dedicated location which ensures both physical and logical isolation of your data.
  • Enjoy the benefits of the cloud while retaining control of your data in a manner that you are most comfortable. Ease your way into the Cloud using secure, private implementation.

Ideal Profile

  • Organizations that have already invested in enterprise private clouds and want to leverage them further for backup and recovery.
  • Companies that are new to the idea of cloud computing and therefore would like a staged or manged transition to the cloud.


  • Our Private Cloud implementation provides you with the benefits of flexibility and agility to manage changes in demand without needing to incur high costs.
  • Implement your own private cloud as an on-premise solution or at a physically separated facility within our data center.
  • Migrate to other cloud deployment models at your convenience.


  • Agility – quickly provision new capaticy on demand
  • Flexibility – scale up or scale down your infrastruture based on demand
  • Security – Protect your data in a secure, encrtypted form
  • Recoverability – Recover with confidence, on demand
  • Compliance – Meet your regulatory and audit requirements
  • Manageability – Easy to manage multi-tentanted operations from a single interface



Problems Solved

  • Experience the benefits of the cloud while retaining control of where your data is physically located.
  • Explore the cloud with features to ensure you meet regulatory requirements.
  • The need for a backup and recovery solution that helps you scale up and down based on demand without incurring huge capital expenditure.
  • Ensure your infrastructure today has the flexibility and agility to respond to the rapid rate of data growth.