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YottaVault is a turnkey solution available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) on an existing designated server or provided within a backup appliance. Protect all your data in secure offsite facilities without spending large amounts on building new infrastructure or incurring high monthly fees. Achieve high flexibility and scalability. Pay as you use. Manage variability in demand. Ensure that your data is protected in a secure encrypted form using military grade NIST FIPS 140-2 certified encryption. Achieve compliance mandates to ensure all data is protected and recoverable. Focus your IT team on other more strategic IT functions.

Ideal Profile

  • Small and Medium businesses looking for cost-effective solutions to protect their data without incurring high capital or operational expenditure.
  • Enterprises with some degree of cloud adoption, comfortable with the data residing in shared infrastructures at a third party location.


  • Our Cloud Backup service is multi-tentanted. Allows for the logical and/or physical separation of your data to ensure that you are billed based only on your usage of capacity.
  • Back up your enterprise data to our secure offsite data centers(s). Leverage shared infrastructure and resources to overcome fluctuations in demand.


  • High ROI- Reduce capital and operational expenditure
  • Agility – quickly provision new capaticy on demand
  • Recoverability – recover with confidence, on demand
  • Flexibility – scale up or scale down your infrastruture based on demand
  • Security – Protect your data in a secure, encrtypted form
  • Manageability – Easy to Manage multi-tentanted operations from a single interface
  • Affordability – Low impact and efficient to ensure low total cost of ownership

Problems, Solved

  • Rapidly recover your data in the event of a data loss event.
  • Recover from a complete site failure.
  • Backup all your organizational data assets without incurring huge costs to build the required infrastructure.
  • Know your data is secure and logically isolated. (Public cloud does not mean your data is public.)
  • Only you can hold your own encryption key.