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» Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR)

Ensure continued business operations by providing local and remote failovers when faced with machine failures or complete site failures. Recover instantly from local machine failures and from complete site failures. Continue business operations from remote site even as you work on bringing your primary site back up and running. Implement a disaster recovery solution without incurring large capital expenditure. Enjoy the benefits of flexibility and agility to ensure coverage for your critical machines and respond to changes in demand.

Failover Protection and Rapid Recoveries with Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR)

Ideal Profile

  • Enterprises with global customers that need to archive instant recoveries and can not tolerate downtime.
  • Enterprises and SMBs looking at cost effective solutions for instant recovery, business continuity and disaster recovery.


  • Recover instantly from physical or VMware virtual machine failures in the local environment.
  • Instantly recover to a virtual copy of your critical machines at a remote data center.
  • Ability to fail back to the original location using simple and efficient process once the original site is up and running.
  • Efficient and secure – leverage change block tracking and Asigra de-duplication and NIST FIPS 140-2 certified encryption.


  • Drastically reduce time to recover – achieve instant recoveries of your data and applications.
  • Achieve improvements in recovery point objectives (RPO) – recover to a backup copy that is close to your machine’s current state
  • Reduce downtime for your end users- continue to operate as normal from the remore offsite location even as you work on recovering your primary site.
  • Ensure high availability and business resilience at a very low cost.

Problems, Solved

  • Dramatically reduce recovery time and recovery point objectives.
  • Implement a disaster recovery and business continuity plan without large investments in infrastructure.
  • Reduce your downtime due to data loss situations to virtually zero.