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» Build Your Own Backup and Recovery Cloud

Whether you are an end user or a service provider, Yotta280 offers two “Build IT Yourself” alternatives while ensuring your organization maintains complete control of your Backup and Recovery Cloud. This approach leverages the Private or Hybrid model and permits you to benefit from Yotta280’s Centric Partner relationship with Asigra.

  • The FIRST option is the ability to “Own Your Own” Yotta280 Backup and Recovery Cloud, Powered by Asigra, and utilize your data center and existing infrastructure.
  • The SECOND option is Yotta280′s “Use Our License” program. Yotta280 enables your organization to quickly enter the ever expanding Cloud Backup and Recovery market with a low cost of entry, support expertise, high margins and rapid ROI. You use your data center and infrastructure and our Yotta280, Powered by Asigra license(s).

Yotta280 works with each organization to plan, create and support the implementation of your Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution.