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Regulatory Compliance – The HIPAA Police are Coming

HIPAA is an acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1996. HIPAA aims to give patients greater control over their personal information, set limits on the use and disclosure of private information, establish mechanisms to secure data, create greater accountability and balance privacy with social responsibility. A number of civil and criminal penalties can [...]

Backup and Recovery – An Easy First Step to the Cloud

In today’s world, the initial migration to the cloud can be a very easy step for any size business. Cloud Back-up and Recovery options including enterprise backup software have emerged as secure, cost-effective and reliable solutions. These options have allowed the entry point to the cloud to be seamless and efficient. As companies encounter the [...]

Attention C-Level Executives!

If Your Organization is Using Tapes for Backup – that’s 1950 Technology! Corporate executives, who once travelled across continents in ships, now travel in jets. The transition was appropriate and made sense as it is more efficient and saves time.  It is now time for C-Level executives to encourage another transition – The security and [...]

Yotta280 Cloud Backup Expert Tips: Backup & Recovery Security FIPS 140-2

Did you know that data travelling over the Internet is vulnerable? Hackers can gain unauthorized access to a session between two computers by exploiting what is called a session key (a session key is a key that is used to authenticate the connection). Hackers sometimes use source-routed IP packets to hijack information being passed between [...]

Expert Tips: CapEx and OpEx Expenses in the Cloud

Owning and operating a data center is no longer considered a sign of corporate wisdom. Private cloud computing concepts and utility services in the cloud are redirecting established understandings of data privacy and stimulating new modes of thinking. The recent recession (that resulted in budget cuts and rethinks on capital investments), made a business case [...]

Cloud Backup and Recovery – “Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.”

We encourage everyone, Public Cloud or Private Cloud candidates…when evaluating Cloud Backup and Recovery solutions, to remember the Warren Buffet quote – “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”.  PLEASE NOTE:  All Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions are not equal!  Cloud Backup and Recovery solutions vary in what they provide, deliver and [...]

Yotta280 Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Migrating from Tapes to the Cloud

Technological advances have made it simple to transition from tape backup to cloud backup and recovery solutions. But, the task of migration requires thoughtful consideration. Not all data needs to be migrated from tape to the cloud. Data lifetime requirements have an impact on what kind of data needs to be migrated from tape to [...]