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» Tier 4, SAS70 Secure State of the Art, Hardened Data Center

Where Data is stored is as important as when and how…

Yotta280 allows you to move your critical business data to our world class SAS70 Tier 4 data center at the designated times you select, on a 24×7 basis. Our facilities are designed to survive the most extreme natural disasters. With its best-in-class change control and problem management procedures, our proven infrastructure protects critical business data nationwide.

Considering the severe impact on a business that can occur if essential data becomes inaccessible or is destroyed, it makes sense to incorporate secure facilities such as those provided by Yotta280.

Yotta280′s primary data facilities are protected by a low-profile, gated exterior. The outside of the facility is hardened and includes exterior crash barriers. 24-hour manned security stations are located both inside and out at the center.

State of the art surveillance includes infrared and video surveillance of the facility and the grounds. Inside the facility, access control protects the systems and your data.

Facility walls are comprised of precast concrete attached to structural concrete columns and beams with welded steel imbeds – withstands 154 mph winds.

The facility roofing system is built up aggregate with asphalt bitumen, 2 plies of glass fiber and “Stress-Ply” Garland top sheet. Leak tested to 130 mph winds (best available at time of construction). Roof drains and scuppers designed for hurricane Category 5 rains of 6 inches per hour. The roof deck is made of inverted concrete double tee supported by structural precast concrete columns – withstands 152 mph winds.

Franklin Lightning Protection System

Our facilities are equipped with three Caterpillar Diesel generators that can produce 1500 kilowatt of electricity. These generators can provide the electrical needs of the YottaVault for 30 days.

Three on-site, dual-hulled, 10,000-gallon tanks of diesel fuel supply fuel to these generators.

Datacenter Map

Food for 100 people for 30 days

Yotta280 has a secondary data center strategically located 500 miles from the primary site. This data center’s principal purpose is to permit replication and additional safeguards for our customers’ data.