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» Yotta280 Partners Program

We have learned there are two primary schools of thoughts when Service Providers begin the process of determining which Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is right for their customers.

» A “Build It Yourself” strategy encompasses the ability to utilize the service providers data center and infrastructure, along with a Cloud Backup technology.

» An “Outsourcing” strategy gives the partner confidence in a third party to provide the services to their customer.

We have designed the YottaPartner Program to be flexible with multiple entry points, each with its own unique offering to meet your specific needs – recurring revenue, set your own prices, leverage your own infrastructure, etc.   Yotta280 enables you to become more responsive to the needs of your customers by allowing you to deliver YottaVault, our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.


Independent Partner (Build It Yourself)       

You sell and control your own backup and recovery cloud, determine pricing, and manage all aspects within the confines of your organization.  Yotta280 makes it possible for your organization to leverage the industry leading backup and recovery software (Powered by Asigra) with your infrastructure inside the perimeter of your designated data center. You can now easily administer and offer your customers your own premier, efficient and highly profitable Cloud Backup and Recovery solution today.

Wholesale Partner (Outsource)

As an Authorized Wholesale Partner, you will be able to determine your own pricing and sell YottaVault’s Cloud Backup and Recovery Services. Your offering includes all of the advantages of the industry leading technology, Fortune 500, Tier 4/SSAE16 offsite data centers and storage infrastructure.

An upfront commitment for YottaVault storage and service, as well as Level 1 technical support is required.

Reseller Partner (Outsource)

As an Authorized ReSeller Partner, you will provide a turnkey YottaVault Cloud Backup and Recovery Software as a Service (SaaS) to your customers and prospects.  Your offering includes all of the advantages of the industry leading technology, Fortune 500, Tier 4/SSAE16 offsite data centers and storage infrastructure. You receive a recurring revenue stream based on the monthly revenue of your customers.

Referral Partner (Outsource) 

After registering as a Referral Partner, Yotta280 rewards you for each lead provided to us that becomes a YottaVault customer.  We keep you informed as we progress through the sales process and make payment after the first month subscription fee has been paid.

Cisco Reseller Partner (Build It Yourself or Outsource)

If you resell Cisco ISR or Data Centre solutions, Yotta280 provides the ideal, risk free engagement model to build incremental revenues and long-term annuity incomes in Cloud Backup and Recovery Services.

Yotta280 provides the assistance to resellers who wish to launch a Cloud Backup and Recovery Service or have an existing Backup and Recovery customer base and wish to replace it with YottaVault, Powered by Asigra.  Yotta280 is equipped to provide the commercial and technical insight, design, service infrastructure, licensing and support to help you become Public or Private Cloud Backup and VM recovery enabled.

We make it Easy for You -

  1. Engage with us and we will support your rollout of Cisco Cloud Connector Appliances with integrated Asigra Cloud Backup using our Public Cloud vaults. You sell the ISR, UCS-E and the Cloud Backup contracts, supported by Yotta280. During this period we will provide sales and technical training plus access to marketing resources, references and case studies
  2. Build a contracted base that will cover the cost of building and operating your own Asigra Cloud Backup vaults.
  3. When you are ready Yotta280 will design, build and migrate the contracted clients to your vault. We will manage the licensing and escalated support, mitigating your risk in adopting Cloud Backup.

For more information about how you build low-risk, sustainable Cloud Backup and VM Recovery annuity revenues contact us on 877-449-6882 or email us at