UK’s first-ever bread restaurant is set to open – with 13 courses and a ‘Doughmellier’

It’s safe to say us Brits love bread, as we consume a whopping 11 million loaves of the good stuff every day. The comforting carb is a household staple, whether you’re slathering a piece of toast with lashings of butter or tucking into a ham and cheese sarnie.

If you’ve ever visited a restaurant and wished that more bread-based options were on the menu, or simply couldn’t get enough of the bread basket provided before a meal, your prayers have been answered as an all-bread fine-dining eatery is about to open its doors in London. The wonderfully beige menu has been designed to celebrate the hero ingredient in all its forms.

The brainchild of British supermarket Asda, Baker’s Dozen is set to offer a carb-fuelled extravaganza as the menu boasts a 13-course dinner completely made from bread.

Adding to the spectacular-sounding experience, there’s even a resident ‘Doughmellier’ on hand to explain tasting notes, provenance and pairing qualities for each bread course, helping you select the perfect wine for each dish. Better still, the fine-dining bonanza is completely free.

The unusual pop-up eatery is set to celebrate the re-launch of Asda’s much-loved bakery, and comes after the supermarket’s research reveals that over half of Brits say they simply cannot resist the temptation of tucking into bread before a meal.

Owing to its unique selling point, Baker’s Dozen will open its doors for one night only, as hungry patrons will get to lap up a two-and-a-half-hour all-bread experience in Aldgate, London, on October 19.

The supermarket says that the decadent tasting menu will be ‘expertly prepared and plated’ by Asda’s executive chef, senior director of innovation and trends, Jonathan Moore and his team.

Mouth-watering dishes include a slice of dark spelt and rye sourdough with chicken fat whipped butter, toast three ways and a brown bread ice cream.

Doors open on Wednesday night at 6:30pm, and any hungry bread-lovers looking to attend need to enter a ballot to secure a spot at the table, via Asda’s website.

The supermarket says that winners will be chosen at random and a table will be allocated a table for them and one other guest.

Many people will be pleased to see the return of Asda’s bakery, and its new-and-improved range features some new tasty treats, including a ‘Extra Special’ sourdough which is made from a 10-year-old starter, as well as triple chocolate and Jaffa orange doughnuts.